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The size of ISSE depends on the measurement of the tires of your car. On your tire, you can see 3 numbers corresponding to the width, height and diameter, respectively. Find these values on your tire and insert them into our simulator located on the home page to get your recommended size. Click here to go to the home page.

Yes, the ISSE textile chains can be washed in the washing machine at max. 40 ° C. Do not iron or tumble dry.

ISSE chains comply with CE standards and are certified, among others, by the ONORM 5121 standard, and are washable and reusable. It is a patented product. It is certified by TUV, Onorm 5121 and corresponds to legislation B26.

In each package, you will have 2 ISSE covers, one for each wheel.

1)Place the cover over the top of the tire. Mount the ISSE textile covers with the vehicle parked on a level ground (forbidden on slope) and the handbrake engaged. If your vehicle is equipped with an anti-spill system, do not disconnect it.

2) Insert the arms into the cover and stretch the fabric to cover the sides of the tire.

3) Finish adjusting the sides of the tire.

4) Advance your vehicle ahead so that the wheel turns 1/2 so as to leave in the upper part the part of the tire not yet capped by the cover.

5) Cover the upper area of ​​the tire with the cover.

6) Slowly advance, after 100 meters the sheath will fit itself to your tire.

1) Remove the cover from the top of the tire and its sides.

2) Back off the vehicle to release the part covered by the cover so that the wheel goes back 1/2 turn.

3) Remove the cover and store.

Yes, they serve all types of front, rear, 4×4, bus and truck vehicles.

The most suitable covers for your vehicle depends on the use you want to make in ice and snow. ISSE distinguishes between sporadic and intensive use. Sporadic is intended for drivers who occasionally use ice and snow covers a few times a year. Intensive or usual is for those drivers who drive through snow and ice many times during the year so they need a more resistant product.

Below you can find all the points of sale of the patented snow socks by Isse.

Make sure your vehicle is parked with the parking brake on. Do not install on slopes and make sure you install in a safe place where you are visible to other drivers. Wear very tight gloves when installing the snow blankets or use the plastic gloves provided.

You can easily identify your tire size by looking at your tires themselves. There will be three sequences of numbers and a letter or two. For example 225/50/18R. Your tire size should also be available by reading the car manual.

Generally, snow blankets are easy to put on and take less than 5 minutes to apply. We recommend that you "practice" with our instructions before use to ensure that the fit is correct and that you will feel comfortable when the time comes.

In any case you must not exceed the maximum speed of 50 Km/hr and for best results we recommend a speed of less than 40 Km/hr.